Monday, September 5, 2016

Taking up Residence

Still Spinning

Photo: September 4, 2016

This spider has been living on our balcony for at least a week. Our neighbours told us it was on their window and they named it Stanley. Stanley seems to like our flowers and despite the fact that its web has been destroyed a few times, it always starts over. The first time I accidentally brushed one of the threads when I went to water the flowers. Stanley scurried up to the balcony above. I got rid of the rest of the web and thought we were done with him. The next day he had spun a web on our door. Opening the door once again destroyed the web, but Stanley was determined. I may try to catch him and bring him to the park across the street, but he is very fast and I have come to admire his persistence. So for now, we have a truce; we each give each other space to enjoy the balcony.

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