Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stately Mansions

Old Mansion

Photos: September 19, 2016

Sherbrooke Street was the site of many of the city's moguls. Their large mansions made their presence known. This area was known as the Golden Square Mile. Times have changed and some of these buildings have met their demise at the hands of developers. In some cases they were completely demolished; in a few others the facades were kept to preserve the flavour of the street, but they are a front for large office buildings.

This mansion reminds us of an earlier time. It was once the home of Louis-Joseph Forget and was built from 1883-84. According to  information posted on the lawn, it became the Montreal headquarters of the United Service Club in 1927. In 1975, the building was bought by the Macdonald Stewart Foundation, but the club still occupies the main floor.

Mount Royal Club

Just next door is the Mount Royal Club, built in 1906.


Here is a closer look at the beautiful wood door and the elegant architectural details.

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  1. So good if the city encourages the restoration of these old buildings.