Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Restaurant Closed


Photos: September 27, 2016

Le Caveau was once a favourite restaurant of mine. While it is in the middle of downtown Montreal, it maintained the charm of the past. You may look at the dusty windows and see an abandoned restaurant.  I look with a time traveller's eyes, going back through the layers to remember times spent there. It was also favourite of my late husband. We went there when we were dating. I loved the canard à l'orange.

And I remember a dinner for his parents' fortieth wedding anniversary in 1969. We ate well and when dessert time arrived his aunt was intrigued by strawberries and pepper. She couldn't conceive of that combination. The waiter arrived with a serving along with 12 spoons so we could each try it. I remember being surprised by how good they were.

The Once Lovely Le Caveau

I have not been there in many years. Somehow, after my husband passed away over thirty years ago, I stopped dining. I had two young children and the restaurants I frequented were more family oriented. But I did take my much older cousin there and we dined, sipping on our wine (something she rarely did) and enjoying the pleasure of slow eating.

This building has sat empty, a relic of the past. I wonder what will become of it. Will it be restored and repurposed or razed some day to make way for another faceless downtown building?

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