Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back to Walking

Exercise in the Park

Photos: September 2, 2016

Today the temperature was closer to 20C, starting the day lower and edging up just past it by mid afternoon. That is perfect weather for me and it meant I was happy to be out walking. September feels to me like the beginning of a year. Students are back at school This looked like a class with everyone following a leader to do exercises.

Abundance of Flowers

The flowers seem to be enjoying the cooler temperature. There was an abundance of colour as I passed gardens in full bloom.

Making a Statement

Gardens were not the only place where colour called for attention. This stairway was certainly making a statement. Walking lets me notice all the quirks of our city. While I like to keep moving, I do allow myself to stop and enjoy, and then back on my way.

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  1. I think flowers enjoy the slightly lower temps and begin to bloom with even more enthusiasm, knowing their time to do so is short. Wow to those steps!