Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Spice Drawer

Variety is the Spice of Life

Photo: September 12, 2016

This somewhat messy drawer is where we keep our herbs and spices - flavourings that enhance our food. I tend to fall back on old reliables but every so often I venture into the less used seasonings. Then there are those we use fresh: garlic, ginger, fresh herbs. The dried versions just don't have the same flavour, the same oomph. This time of year I seem to get into nesting mode - cooking and baking as if I need to fill the larder before the cold sets in. My forays to the market take a lot of will power so I don't buy in excess. I no longer have a large freezer to fill. But I will be filling as much as I can...

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  1. Of course, I had to rummage through your spice drawer, Susan! I have so many spices - a cupboard door with shelves and then 2 actual shelves inside the cupboard. Like, you, I have my old standbys - cayenne, paprika, dried basil, cinnamon, celery seed.We limit salt intake so I don't add salt to anything and mostly flavor with spices.