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These are the books I am currently thinking of. I have started the book by Ishiguro. It's the next one up for discussion by my book group. The other is a French book I picked up in New Brunswick and it is by and Acadian author from the area. I would like to read more French to force my brain to work a little more. And I always like to read something by someone writing about where I have been.

One curiosity I find - why do the majority of English books have the writing on the spine going from top to bottom and French books are the opposite? I did find a couple of answers.

This from Quora
The text orientation on book spines appears to follow regional standards. In most places (like the United States, United Kingdom, Benelux countries, and Scandinavia), titles are usually written top-to-bottom. In some continental European countries (like Germany and France), titles are written bottom-to-top. 

and this from Wikipedia

In the United States, the Commonwealth, Scandinavia and for books in Dutch, titles are usually written top-to-bottom on the spine. This means that when the book is placed on a table with the front cover upwards, the title is oriented left-to-right on the spine. This practice is reflected in the industry standards ANSI/NISO Z39.41  and ISO 6357.  
In most of continental Europe and Latin America, titles are conventionally printed bottom-to-top on the spine so, when the books are placed vertically on shelves, the title can be read by tilting the head to the left This allows to the reader to read spines of books shelved in alphabetical order in accordance to the usual way left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

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