Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sculpture Outside the McCord Museum

Totem Urbain / histoire en dentelle

Photos: September 24, 2016

Tucked on window ledge on the side of the McCord Museum is this sculpture. It is by Pierre Granche and is titled Totem Urbain / histoire en dentelle (Urban Totem / History in lace)

Part of Totem Urbain / histoire en dentelle

Here you can see the full section of the side piece. This is a sculpture that takes time (which I didn't have as I was walking to meet someone). I'll have to go back and take in all the details.

Detail of sculpture

Here is another detail - an iconic Canadian scene with the canoe giving way to the development of farms and villages. I heard a podcast recently talking about how people no longer take time - how in museums you see people stopping by a piece of art, photographing and moving on. They end up with collections but no real experience of the work of art. We need to live in the present much more.

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  1. They are so sensitive work! I like those sculptures. Children might enjoy them too!