Sunday, September 11, 2016

Off to Toronto

Taking Off

Photos: September 8, 2016

A whirlwind visit to Toronto, planned at almost the last minute. I boarded a plane and off I went. My son drove as he was going to be staying a little longer. Here we are pulling away from Montreal. 

This idea for thee trip started with a conversation with my son about the Lauren Harris exhibit at the AGO which he wanted to see and it was closing soon. I thought I would like to see it, too. Another piece in the puzzle was a posting by my niece about a film. It looked like it was the one based on her mother's book, Colour Bar, though the name of the film was different. So I did some research and discovered it was being premiered at TIFF at exactly the time I could manage a short trip to Toronto, but it would be next to impossible to get tickets.

Throught the Plane Window

My son went into action. He posted on Facebook that he wanted to take his mother to the film - could anyone help him get tickets. Through the miracles of social media where one person knows another he informed me that he had two complimentary tickets waiting for him at the box office. So I was off to Toronto to stay with friends, to visit the Lauren Harris exhibit, to see the film and to try to see my sister-in-law (who lives in London but who was in for the premiere and was going to be busy with official business around the film). Head in the clouds!

A Cosy Restaurant

It was wonderful to be with my friends. One I had just seen at CAMMAC (that's how we know each other) and the other I had last seen when they both stayed with me for the Baroque Festival. Dinner in a lovely Italian restaurant was delightful. Time to chat, time to catch up, time to catch my breath.

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