Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dining Outside

Under the Tree's Canopy

Photos: September 3, 2016

There is a restaurant we really like. It has a lovely terrace across one of Old Montreal's narrow streets from the restaurant itself. In summer it is lovely to eat there. On colder days it is also lovely to eat inside in its cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The wire fence surrounds an archeological investigation - the site of Canada's first parliament pre-confederation. They were burnt down in 1849 by rioters. You can learn a little more here.

La Gargote

The waiters have to cross the street along with other pedestrians to deliver the meals.


Caleches pass by with tourists  enjoying the atmosphere. It is lovely to sit and just enjoy the historic buildings nearby.

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  1. Now that is unusual, Susan - having to cross the street to deliver the meals! In the city we always enjoyed having dinner on terraces or patios when the weather was fine. Here in Breckenridge, it's already too cold.