Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time to Play

Strange Looking Creatures

Photos: September 17, 2016

I took a nice long walk and passed through a couple of parks along the way. It was nice to see the ways people are encouraged to play outdoors - from the very young to the old. These creatures are waiting for some young climbers. Imagine riding on the back of a turtle. Even the alligator looks harmless.

A Place to Play

All you need is a chess or checkers set to enjoy this spot. Young and old can enjoy playing outdoors.

Ping Pong in the Park

It was nice to see this ping pong table in use (and not the first time). The players looked quite intense. Our summers are short; our winters are long. These are all for warmer weather - a time when we need to embrace the outdoors.

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  1. So nice places to refresh yourself. I’d like to go with my grandchildren. I guess there was hardly any wind that day, as the people can enjoy table tennis outdoors.