Wednesday, May 18, 2011

James McGill

James McGill, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Photo taken May 13, 2011
I sometimes walk through the campus of McGill University. This sculpture of  James McGill was placed there after I graduated (some time in the last century). With the grey rainy days we have been having, he seems appropriately dressed for the weather.

McGill left a bequest for the establishment of a college which ultimately bore his name.


  1. Looks as though he's walking through a stiff breeze, too! Had to smile at your comment about how long ago you graduated! (Still learning after all these years...)

  2. Your photos and thoughts continue to delight! Thanks for sharing your visual adventures....

  3. Walking in the wind - refreshingly different statue from the more traditional, stiff ones. I first thought that you had made a mistake about the time of your graduation, but then realized and it was last century for me, too!