Sunday, May 29, 2011

When Will the Sun Shine?

When Will the Sun Shine?, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Photo: May 27, 2011

One rainy day followed by another. These outdoor tables sit idle - no takers for lunch in the rain. While the lawns are lush and green, I have not been tempted to plant annuals. It's just too soggy!


  1. Seems like it is one excessive weather pattern after least no tornadoes right? Hope the sun makes an appearance soon!

  2. Soggy for sure. Good news though, tomorrow looks like a sunny and warm day. Hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. We haven't planted our annuals yet either.

  3. Hi Susan, I's been soggy on our trip, too! We're in Portland now, and I commented to Bob this evening that nobody can take advantage of the outdoor cafes - it's raining again!