Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Ferns Unroll

The Ferns Unroll, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Growth happens so quickly this time of year. Little bumps unfurl until they are leafy ferns.

Small Beginnings

In forests, people pick the early fern shoots known as fiddleheads (usually the ostrich fern). They are quite tasty. They have to be cleaned well and then cooked thoroughly. As only the tightly furled shoots are edible, harvest season is short.

Here's a link to Fiddlehead recipes as well as information about picking them (I let mine grow and buy fresh fiddleheads at the grocery store).


  1. My family and I eat bamboo sprouts this time of year. Since they grow fast, harvest season is only April. let,s enjoy having fresh greens!!

  2. I have ferns in shady spots in my garden but obviously different to yours. The fern is a special emblem in New Zealand, worn by representatives of our country. Lovely photo.

  3. Funny you should post this. Here in southern Ontario I noticed our 'fiddleheads' really exploding today. Finally we can start enjoying spring.

  4. Bamboo shoots are spring delicacy, as redrose wrote. In March, flowering ferns are special. We also eat only tightly furled ones.

    I'd like to see the moment when ferns unfurl. I wonder if they'd produce sound at the moment of unfirling if we listen carefully.
    Your photos are taken livelily.

  5. This fern looks as though it's raising its arms to the sky in celebration. (I do like the taste of fiddleheads...) Have a wonderful weekend, Susan.

  6. Fun shot of the 'unroll'! What do fiddleheads taste like? I don't think I've seen them available here.