Saturday, May 14, 2011


Forget-me-nots, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Funny how flowers can have memories - or at least memories attached to them. Forget-me-nots always bring me back to the country place my family had while I was growing back. They seemed to be growing wild and would appear each summer. My mother loved to gather wild flowers and put them in a vase on our table.

She later suffered from dementia. Forget-me-nots are the flowers of the Alzheimer's Society. When I see them now, they have that double memory. So I really liked that these flowers were framed by a heart. How can one ever forget one's mother. She lives in my heart forever and hopefully, through me her love, her warmth and her wisdom will be passed on to others.


  1. A wonderful photo and heartfelt associations to go with it, Susan! I have Forget-Me-Nots growing wild in Breckenridge (when the snow finally melts...). I'll think of you and your Mother when they bloom.

  2. What a special meaning for you. The heart in the fence immediately frames the flowers as you view it. Nice work!

  3. Susan, you have a sweet memory of your loved mother associated with forget-me-nots. These forget-me-nots through heart-shaped fence is nicely symbolical.

    I believe things transmitted from your mother are radiating from you to others.

  4. What a lovely tribute to your mother and the photo is so special. Mothers are irreplacable and I know she lives on through you....

  5. Beautiful picture, and lovely memories - good things passed on from generation to generation.