Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short Season but Sweet

Short Season but Sweet, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Some things taste better because the season is short. Fresh cherries only get here for about a month, but in that time I savour their wonderful taste.

If  life is a bowl of cherries, it sure doesn't last long. The season is short, and they disappear from the bowl rather quickly. Or is it that life is sweet and we have to savour every bit of it?


  1. How delicious your cherries look! Are they domestic or imported? It's cherry season here, too. I bought some Israeli ones the other day but they were rather sharp. I usually prefer Spanish one but with a deadly bacterium raging in Europe, believed to have spread from Spanish vegetables, I am not too keen to buy anything Spanish atm. Too panicky perhaps, but can't help it.

  2. Your cherries look so delicious!
    Here in Japan, our sweet cherries are different from yours in size and color. The size is smaller,and the color is orange. The season is also short.

  3. I never realized it before, but OR has lots of cherry orchards. We keep seeing roadside stands heaped with cherries. Yours look quite yummy.

  4. Your photo reminds me of sweet lusciousness of ripened cherries. You made my mouth water, Susan! We call them "black cherries" or "American cherries" to distinguish from Japanese ones.