Monday, May 30, 2011


Fly, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Photo: May 29, 2011

Water droplets, still a constant in our lives - but we live with droplets, not hail, not tornadoes, not hurricanes. And, unlike the nearby Richelieu Valley, we are not experiencing flooding. Everything is lush. The grass seems to grow faster than you can mow it. Leaves are reaching their fullness. It is just people who wilt under the greyness.

Sunny days are coming. I'm off to the market to get those annuals that fill in the holes in my mainly perennial garden.


  1. Green, green everywhere - it's so beautiful! How nicely you've caught the droplets. They look like diamonds.

  2. I am not accustomed to such rain - we didn't get wet at all today but had gray skies. More rain forecast for tomorrow when I hope to photograph waterfalls - I guess it doesn't matter if I get wet! (Also, I enlarged your photo, and the fly on the grass doesn't seem to mind the rain.)