Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 10/10: Singers in the Evening Concert

Singers in the Evening Concert, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Saturdays at CAMMAC are very busy. Classes go on as usual in the morning. In the afternoon the children who have participated in the children's program do a concert. I admit I missed that and spent the afternoon in the water and then playing music.

After supper the student concert takes place. This year it started a little differently with a procession by all (singers and instrumentalists performing a round, followed by some performances in the boathouse. Then this boat came with two singers. The rest of the concert took place in the main concert hall. It always ends with a choral performance, this year accompanied by the orchestra. Not all classes perform (thankfully - as some years the concert has gone on endlessly) - and this year's version was over before ten.

As I have been going to CAMMAC for over twenty years, I have friendships that go back. A wine fueled conversation near the lake, under the stars is de rigeur before we all head home on Sunday. There are so many stars visible without city lights. I love to see them accompanied by the song of the bull frogs. Later we heard loon calls - such an iconic sound of Quebec lakes.


  1. Two singers on the lake? How wonderful. Also the sound of loons would be magic - I've never heard their call (except in the movies).

  2. This is a great shot! Peaceful and magical!

  3. It must have been amazing listening to the singers on the lake. Such ambiance. What a magical experience.