Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 9/10: Staying at CAMMAC

July 9/10: Staying at CAMMAC, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The heat broke today with a sudden rain shower. It was wonderful to feel a cool breeze blow in through the window. It's amazing how much more energy I have.

Here's a little CAMMAC history.

CAMMAC was founded in 1953 by George and Madeleine Little and Carl and Frances Little. They had the idea to bring together amateur musicians who would enjoy spending a week immersed in music in a country setting. At first the camp ran in rented space for a short period. When a fishing lodge became available it was bought along with some nearby cottages. Now a winterized building has been built so activities can run in different seasons, but the main program is the seven week summer season. Learn more about CAMMAC's history.

Madeleine Little still spends part of her summer in a cottage nearby. All three of her children have taught at CAMMAC. Her grandchildren and now her great grandchildren spend part of their summers here. Many grandparents bring their grandchildren to spend a week here. It is a wonderful place for families.


While most people stay in the main lodge, some stay in the older Lake House. Others camp. Much depends on people’s budgets. The new Main Lodge was built to strict environmental standards including using geothermal energy, a green roof and radiant heating (definitely not needed this week!).

In the afternoon today I played lots of music. One of my favourite places to play is in what years ago was a boathouse - now Studio Gaby. There are windows on three sides looking out on the lake. A balcony on the three sides has chairs for those who want to spend time near the lake. When we play in there, every so often a head pops in to see who is playing and to express their pleasure.

Inside Studio Gaby

Some people play in the practice huts in the woods.

Practice Huts

Days are long - packed with things to do - music to play and hear, conversations and friendship. It doesn't get much better than this.


  1. It looks so "campy," Susan! I love the swing and the worn path. Thanks for providing some background. Enjoy!

  2. Susan, Just thinking: You are probably sitting right in front of a fan or an air conditioning unit at home right now! Sleep well tonight!