Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6/10: Evening

July 6/10: Evening, originally uploaded by susanvg.

We are grappling with the heat – fans are on in most places and the main concert hall is air conditioned. Bedrooms are like steam rooms – thank goodness for fans. A dip in the lake provides temporary relief but the high heat and humidity soon are felt and the feeling of coolness quickly past. Classes go on and we laugh, play music and make new friends.

Studio in the Woods

Many classes take place in practice huts in the woods, with windows on three sides. It is wonderful to play and look out on the trees . This year I have no classes in those studios, which in one way is good as they are getting very hot. My classes are in studios in the basement of the main lodge. The atmosphere may be less interesting, but the temperature counts for a lot this week.

Tuesday night is always a student concert with everything from singing to instrumental work and some energetic drumming by some of the teenagers.


  1. The blues in the lake picture are awesome! The different layers makes for a very striking photograph. I really like it. Hope the heat will let up for you as the week progresses. We are suffering extremely hot days here too and being outside is difficult.

  2. Are you getting any sleep in those steamy rooms? I think I would spend a bit of time by that cool-looking lake! Enjoy, Susan!

  3. I love the lake shot. It looks so calm and peaceful. Good luck with the heat.

  4. I too love the stillness of the lake- I suppose you don't get the sea breezes like we do here.

  5. Gorgeous shot of the lake! Looks like an ideal summer place. Heat over here, too. I was wondering if you also suffer from mosquitoes in the middle of all the trees?