Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5/10: Early Morning

July 5/10: Early Morning, originally uploaded by susanvg.

What is a day like at CAMMAC? It is not for those who want a restful vacation –stimulating, fun, musical and full of friendship, but not relaxing.

At 7:00 am one of the participants (self-selected) goes around and plays a bit of music to wake people up. By 7:00 we are lined up to get our breakfast in the cafeteria. Food is basic, but OK. At 8:20 announcements are made along with a 5 minute concert by participants. By 8:30 it’s time for classes – 3 classes of 1 ¼ hours each morning with a break for snacks. I joined two different advanced recorder groups. My third class is a small ensemble with 4 recorders, bassoon and harpsichord. We worked our way through some easy and some challenging music. All takes place with a sense of humour and friendship.

After lunch is quiet hour – a badly needed hiatus in the day with no music or talking. By three, people may choose to take part in a music appreciation class (this year I’ll drop in on the history of Christophe Graupner). Then I’ll be playing music with friends. Many people spend time at the lake – a must in this hot weather. It’s about 31C (almost 88F) here and more hot weather is predicted for most of the week.

Supper is followed by another class – either choir or an instrumental ensemble. Then each evening there is a different activity. Tonight it is dancing – not sure if the focus will be Renaissance dances or country dances. One year we had a power failure and the dance (accompanied by live music) took place by candlelight – so fitting for the era. After the evening activity there is another snack and then quiet by 11:00. Those who still have energy (I’m not sure how) congregate in one of the basement rooms and play quiet games like scrabble.

It may sound exhausting, but for me it is also energizing – with new musical discoveries, a week by a lake and time for friendship.

I do apologize to my fellow bloggers. Between the heavy schedule and the very poor and unstable internet connection – I’m lucky if I post much less comment on other people’s photos and writing. It will be that kind of summer with the adventures I have planned.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you have framed the shot- beautiful morning view! I can't wait to see more photographs. Don't worry about commenting on other people's photos and writing. Just enjoy the week and try to squeeze in the amazing shots!

  2. PS Forgot to add - the lake framed by the trees is wonderful!

  3. Hi Susan, I enjoy getting your updates from the lake. What a busy schedule you have! I imagine you are enjoying every minute of it, though. Have a fun and inspiring week!

  4. It sounds fabulous- relaxing in it's own way- something completely different.

  5. This sounds busy, but certainly a great way to re-energize your batteries in a very different way than teaching. Enjoy!

  6. Beautiful shot. The trees almost seem to be embracing the lake. Sounds busy but fun. Glad you're enjoying the experience.

  7. Beautiful view of the lake, and such depth in the scenery with the trees in the foreground! What an interesting adventure for you, and sounds like a good change of routine from teaching. Nice to read your 'picture journal' about it!