Friday, July 16, 2010

July 15/10: La Gargote

IMG_6884, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A milestone - one of those birthdays that launch you into a new decade. I look at it as a beginning - time to re-prioritize. I've done that thinking - July 15 was just the day to celebrate.

On a too hot evening we decided to eat outdoors on the terrasse of La Gargote, a French style bistro in Old Montreal. The terrasse is across the street from the restaurant, so the waiters have to watch the traffic as they fill the orders. Sometimes noisy with traffic, other moments more tranquil, we sat under trees appreciating any small breeze. Often a caleche would come by, the horses plodding on the pavement as tourists gawked.


Many summer plans this year to celebrate this new decade. I'll be writing and photographing, but posting only when possible. In a week this sweltering heat will be a memory as we head up to Arctic. A great adventure awaits...


  1. Celebrate, my friend! The best is surely yet to come. Happy 60th. I like the night glow in your first photo.

  2. Happy 60th! I hope this decade and those ahead bring you many happy times. Celebrate BIG!

  3. Happy birthday! A trip to the Arctic sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see those pics. Enjoy.

  4. Happy Birthday! I like these two shots - the stripes make both photos! Nice work!

  5. Many happy belated birthday wishes to you! Sounds like you are really celebrating in style over days and weeks, as you should! These pictures and your commentary really makes me want to visit Montreal one day.