Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 7/10: Low Sun

July 7/10: Low Sun, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I started coming to CAMMAC in 1988 when my children were small. During morning classes there is a children’s programme for children from 4 ½ to 11. They do some musical activities (Orff, choir, recorder, the possibility of chamber music) as well as other activities – sports, swimming and a variety depending on the staff that week. It can be anything from woodworking, arts and crafts, folk dance or other forms of dance. During evening classes the children have some kind of game activity. This was part of why this was an ideal vacation for me. While I enjoyed my music classes, my children had fun, made friends (some of whom they still are in touch with) and had the opportunity to learn something new.

I, too, have made lifelong friends. Each year when I come back, it is like coming back to family and new people find their way in. After one season at CAMMAC they are part of this extended family. s

Situated about 1 ½ hours from Montreal, CAMMAC attracts both English and French speaking people. Participants come from all over Quebec, Ontario, other parts of Canada, the US and some have come from as far away as South Africa and Japan. People move in and out of English and French (but unilingual people can manage while having the opportunity to learn a bit of the other language) and range in age from the very young to seniors. Music keeps us all young. No one cares what people do for a living – just about what we all live for – the joy of music.

Despite the busy schedule there is always time for good conversations – over meals, which can be eaten in the dining room or outside on the porch. With afternoons free, it is delightful to play music with others or just chat – this week in the lake as we all try to cool off. But even the lake is warming up and each day is slightly less refreshing. You have to swim further out to find the cold spots..

The bugs are hungry this time of year, too. Going for an early morning or evening walk can feel like being the buffet table for the local insects.

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  1. Oh - its hard to believe that it's so hot and humid, Susan - those lake photos look too refreshing! It would be lovely to sit on that deck, look at the lake, and (for me) listen to the music you are all making. Think cool thoughts!

  2. I so enjoyed looking at all the photographs. I particularly like the "Low Sun" one - very nice! I can also identify with the hungry bugs - it happens here in Georgia everytime I go out lately. Ouch!

    Keep enjoying your extended family! It sounds delightful!

  3. I love the reflection of the sun on the lake. Friends and fun must definitely help in the 'fight' against bugs and heat.