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July 8/10: Thursday Concert

July 8/10: Thursday Concert, originally uploaded by susanvg.

An important aspect of CAMMAC is the teachers. In Early Music Week (one of seven weeks each with a different focus), most come from Montreal. As Montreal has two universities with Early Music programmes, there is a wealth of incredible teachers to draw from. Many come back from year to year. In this atmosphere you not only benefit from their musical expertise, but you get to know them. This week I have classes with Francis Colpron (director of Les Boréades) a marvelous recorder player and flutist, Sophie Larivière co-director of Ensemble Caprice, who also directs Flutissimo (the recorder orchestra in which I play), Hélène Plouffe – a wonderful violinist / violist (member of Les Boréades and Quatuor Franz Joseph) and Matthias Maute, co-director of Ensemble Caprice. Through the years I have had the opportunity to get to know the many teachers as well as their families. I go to many concerts in Montreal (as anyone who reads my blog knows) and it is always a pleasure to see my teachers perform. It is an added bonus for me – to see them put into practice what they have been conveying to me as well as on a personal level. And they know they have a knowledgeable (and friendly) public when they see CAMMACers in the audience.

There are also younger teachers who join the staff. This year Vincent Lauzer is teaching. I have seen him perform in Montreal from the time he was barely a teenager with the group Flûte Alors! Now he is on the brink of a career. He is starting his masters at McGill and is already a very accomplished musician. In September I heard him play at the Recorder Competition ( part of the Montreal Recorder Festival) where he won first prize. Here he has the opportunity not only to teach, but also to perform and to perform with his teachers (Sophie Larivière when he was younger and Matthias Maute at McGill).

I have always found the teachers encouraging and welcoming. They bring out the best in all the participants. And each year I go away feeling I have grown as a musician (and vow to practise more until life gets in the way).

And what a treat to hear concerts at CAMMAC . From Wednesday to Friday evenings the teachers perform. There have been many memorable concerts – from virtuosic to humorous. These are high caliber concerts by high caliber musicians.

Studio Gaby

Studio Gaby - one of my favourite places in which to play

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  1. I can tell you are having a great week at camp, Susan - your enthusiasm is apparent. This is my favorite photo so far - I can almost hearing the music wafting over the water! Hope you got my comment on your last post - I see it hasn't appeared.

  2. The concerts sound wonderful! It's terrific that they practice what they are teaching - what a great place to learn and converse! Nice composition on the shot today!

  3. Great pics, Susan. I can see why you enjoy going to this camp so much. Studio Gaby looks to be in an inspirational spot.