Friday, March 26, 2010

March 25/10: Black and White

March 25/10: Black and White, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The daily shoot assignment was to photograph in black and white (though I admit to removing the colour later). I thought it appropriate to shoot a building that was built in black and white times - when colour photography was rare. It was black and white times in other ways. Politically people were polarized with those who believed in more progressive ideas, stalked and blocked by those who were "red-hunting." Much seemed to be black and white - with right and wrong answers what counted in education - getting it "right".

Colour crept into our lives with colour photography reflecting the more varied ideas, the multi-coloured immigrants (both in skin tone and alternate dress) and the changes in education that encourage thought, decision-making and questioning.


  1. Thankyou for such a positive perspective, Susan. I hope you are right but do you think that each generation thinks they have improved on the last?

  2. Great commentary! I'm thankful for (and partial to) the grays and other hues, but there is something simplistic about black & white that is intriguing!

  3. The 'boxy' design of the building really adds to this black and white ideology. Interesting comparisons between colour photography and changes in society! Unfortunately, sometimes it seems that black and white thinking still shades the colours of our world.

  4. I really like your essay with this B & W, Susan. A little historical reminiscing that makes me think. I'm reading David Shenk's book, THE GENIUS in ALL of US. I think maybe it would interest you.