Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mar 16/10 Flowers

Mar 16/10 Flowers, originally uploaded by susanvg.

It has been the warmest, sunniest March on record for Montreal as these crocuses will attest. The snow is almost gone, revealing shoots ready to morph into flowers. The terrasses are full of people, enjoying their coffee in the sunshine.

I love spring, each day watching for new changes. Some trees are taking on a greenish tinge as the sap returns to breathe in new life. Here and there the grass is starting to grow, adding green to the straw colour. Sometimes I feel that spring is moving from monochrome to colour - so delightful to watch.


  1. What a happy and hopeful picture, Susan. Enjoy your early spring. We are still having below minus 10 Celsius every night, and today it started snowing again. But looking at your picture and reading your commentary reassures me that this will happen here, too - sooner or later.

  2. Nice - I hope to see something growing this weekend. We had 6 inches of rain last weekend and its supposed to be sunny and 60 the rest of the week. Keeping my fingers crossed...

  3. The crocus are coming up in Denver, too. How I love the spring!

  4. Hope springs eternal. Such a happy shot. I hope to be getting some similar shots soon.