Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mar 22/10: Under Cover

Mar 22/10: Under Cover, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Set an alarm for a random time today. Any time. When it goes off, pick up your camera and find a photo near where you are.

I tried to stick by the rules - but, after all, rules are made to be broken. As I spent most of the day in meetings, with no opportunity for photographs, I grabbed my first random moment outdoors to capture these wisps - straw folk hiding what's underneath. I wonder what will grow here when the straw is gone and the sun warms the soil.


  1. What an interesting picture. The straw does look like living folk, doesn't it! I wonder what they are hiding, too!
    (PS. I was too busy as well on this day, and never got the chance to set the alarm...)

  2. Well - you can go back and show us!