Monday, March 15, 2010

Mar 14/10: Portrait

Mar 14/10: Portrait, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Sunday challenge: Catchlights in the eyes make a portrait sing. Make a portrait of someone with catchlights in their eyes.

Well - one eye caught the light. I don't often feature portraits on my blog - so I chose my feline subject. Basil is often distracted by what he sees (a tuft of fur in the air, dust in a sunbeam....). He twists his head backwards, upside down - it doesn't seem to matter to him. Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking - or does he think? He certainly knows how to get his needs met.

Basil can always be counted on for distraction with his silly antics. He purrs very softly so you have to cuddle close to hear it and meows quite loud when he is alone in a room so you call him to remind him that others are around. Then he comes prancing into the room grateful for the company. He can still be kittenish at the age of 13 - that's one of the traits of a Cornish Rex.


  1. Look at those flecks of color - a handsome guy for sure. (And he certainly does "think"...)

  2. What captivating eyes! Basil looks really good for a feline his age. I guess it pays to be silly sometimes.