Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar 10/10 Neighbourhood

Mar 10/10 Neighbourhood, originally uploaded by susanvg.

In large cities, neighbourhoods are important. We create a village out of a city and live much of our lives in our closer surroundings. Neighbourhoods tend to reflect the character of the people who live nearby, unlike the more faceless downtown area. This is one of the trendier neighbourhoods, with specialty ice cream, overpriced clothing and shoe stores and places to buy gourmet food items. It also has the services every neighbourhood needs from banks, to a post office, pharmacy, hardware store and grocery store.

I like to window shop around here as there are some interesting boutiques. Not everything is overpriced and you can often find things not found elsewhere in the city.


  1. In the city, I am within walking distance of a trendy shopping area. We walk to restaurants and gourmet grocery stores. We stroll and window shop. It's quite a different neighborhood than I have in the mountains.