Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mar 27/10: Sidewalk

Mar 27/10: Sidewalk, originally uploaded by susanvg.

We took a drive through a few small towns in eastern Ontario. I was struck by how few people were out on the sidewalk. Walking through Maxville, we came across this mural of the town in 1906. People were out and about. We live in a culture of cars. We saw people drive up to the LCBO (liquor store), charge out of their cars straight into the store, then out again and back into the car with their purchases. No more strolling down the street and chatting with a neighbour. The car becomes essential as the local grocery stores and pharmacies close, driven out by the larger chain stores in a nearby town. The cores of these towns have been gutted of the conveniences of local stores.


  1. What a beautiful mural! The same phenomenon of cars taking over is happening here, too - sadly. Although probably not quite as much as in your part of the world. They are trying to develop pedestrian areas in the centre of towns but there is always a lot of opposition to giving up good parking spaces for this. We do hope people will realize the importance of keeping the community spirit alive.

  2. The best days of the year are the car-free sidewalk days when you can walk ON the street without fear, and by the way the streets are filled with people on those days.

  3. Charming - the way it was! When I am in the city, I walk nearly everywhere, rarely needing the car. Our house is in a somewhat "trendy" neighborhood, but it does provide for strolling, shopping, and cultural venues within walking distance.