Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mar 2/10: Moon over the City

Mar 2/10: Moon over the City, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I tried to catch the moon tonight. As I drove home from rehearsal I saw it hanging low. I changed my trajectory and headed up to Westmount lookout, but the moon had already risen higher. My night shots still need work.

I have always loved radio and remember as a child, listening to Saturday mornings on CBC when there was a show for children. Each week a new story was featured and one Saturday it was James Thurber's Many Moons. I loved that story and have thought of it often over the years. Stories stick with us and sometimes colour the way we see the world. As I saw the moon caught in some branches I remembered Princess Lenore from the story and how she wanted to have the moon. And for a moment I was back in the living room of the house I grew up in, listening and imagining and time stood still.


  1. Love a good moonrise! The twinkly city lights below add a peaceful, cozy feeling to this shot.

  2. A lovely shot, especially with the city lights underneath the moon. I have tried moon shots a couple of times, but with not much success. Will have to experiment more...
    I can just imagine you going down memory lane with a story. Hearing certain songs often has that effect on me.

  3. I, too, listened to the radio as a child, curled on a scratchy horsehair chair in the dark sitting room. You've brought back my memory along with yours.