Monday, March 15, 2010

Mar 13/10: Focus

Mar 13/10, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Sometimes when you look out it's hard to know where to focus - on the closeup or the distance. This sumac, with its graceful branches and bright red berries caught my eye. They offer a feast for the birds, especially as the migrating species appear. But it's hard to ignore the backdrop for the tree - a view over Montreal and the St. Lawrence River.

Sometimes we have to look at the details, sometimes the big picture. And we must always think of the harmony between the two. An adjustment to one alters the other. Too often changes are made locally and we do not think of the impact on the whole - whether it be man-made structures that interfere with the ecology of a place, or changes to schedules that impact programmes. Or changes are made top down without thought to the ripples the changes create for others. We are all interconnected. Let's keep our focus close and wide.


  1. Good advise, Susan and a photo that matches. The tree is especially interesting with its city backdrop.

  2. wow - what a gorgeous and emotional shot. Your words also ring true. I may have to put this on my screen saver to remind me at work. We are always talking about focus, focus, focus - for kids.