Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar 11/10: Ania

Mar 11/10, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This is Ania, my daughter's cat; she lives in the basement in her large room. Ania came for a night and has stayed for years. She was found wandering on a busy street by my daughter's friend. A tiny kitten, she looked totally lost. My daughter agreed to take her overnight and fell in love. A trip to the vet to have her checked out - the vet said she was probably less than two months old. And so Ania came to stay. She is a very clever feline. She figured out how to open the basement door (it had a lever handle - we had to change it) and spooked my two cats. My old fellows are Cornish Rex with very little fur compared to regular cats. As my spouse and son have cat allergies (and don't react too much to the "upstairs" cats) we can not let Ania upstairs.

The visitor who came to stay - she has won everyone's hearts.


  1. Ania is lovely - she has her own basement apartment!

  2. What a lovely cat. It would be interesting to have a smart pet. My dog isn't too smart but she's affectionate. And patient. If she want to go out, she doesn't even bark, just stands there staring at me.