Sunday, December 4, 2016

Evening Out

Along St-Denis

Photos: December 3, 2016

This time of year it is so easy to hunker down at home in the evening, yet I always appreciate when I have a reason to get out. The city is beautiful at night - the many lights and lively atmosphere.

Traffic on Rachel

As you look along Rachel you can see the cross hovering over Montreal. There are rules about building on the side of the mountain, the result being there is just forest and field below the peak of the mountain (actually not much more than a hill at 233 m  or 765 ft).

Waiting for the Music

We were on our way to a concert by Pallade Musica Chapelle-St-Louis - on the programme: A Musical Offering by Bach. What a splendid concert!

And then back into the night.

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  1. Nice to know you had a good time at the live concert. Winter illuminations make us go out when it gets colder and the night longer. I’m grateful to those who invented light bulbs and economical LEDs.