Saturday, December 17, 2016

An Afternoon of Music

Harpsichord Keys

Photos: December 14, 2016

There is nothing like an afternoon of music - playing it, that is. Music transcends language and age. I play sometimes with a mother an son - the mother on harpsichord (keyboard pictured above) and the son on violin. We sightread through trio sonatas. My harpsichord friend has a big library of music and she selects the musical menu for the day. Telemann is one composer we play often.


In baroque times composers would write for a variety of options regarding the instruments, so a piece may be for violin or flute or ... We make liberal use of options as the violin sometimes plays an oboe line or flute line.


I, in turn, play oboe, flute and violin lines on my tenor recorder. We play for a couple of hours, share a pot of tea and chat and then play a little more before I head home, my head full of music.

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  1. These are beautiful instruments. Thanks for posting pictures.