Friday, December 2, 2016

Antidote to Grey November

Through the Rain-Splashed Windshield

Photos: December 1, 2016

This is what it looked like as I climbed into my car. More grey, more rain!

Musée des Beaux Arts Montreal

The rain calmed down as I got off the bus. This is the oldest building of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I was on my way to a concert.

Side Windows at Salle Bourgie

These side windows at Salle Bourgie are reminders that the building once served as a church.

Instruments Waiting

Inside the stage was set for an evening of sheer delight - a concert by La Nef featuring Meredith Hall. On the programme - songs and instrumental pieces from Ireland and other parts of the British Isles as well as Newfoundland. Toe-tapping rhythms, amazing delivery by Meredith Hall and the accompanying instrumentalists were wonderful. Sylvain Bergeron (artistic director of La Nef) on baroque guitar, Tina Bergmann on hammered dulcimer, Robin Grenon on harp, Grégoire Jeay on flutes and recorders, Betsy MacMillan on viola da gamba, Alex Kehler on violin and nickelharp and Patrick Graham on percussion added colour and warmth to a captivating program. Bravo all. The drab grey of the day was roundly defeated.

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