Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Bit Milder Weather

Popcorn on the Branches

Photos: December 17, 2016

As temperatures rose, the snow began to fall, clinging to branches like popcorn. It was good to walk a little less encumbered - one layer less!

Enjoying the Warmer Weather

The squirrels were out cavorting - chasing each other up and down the trunks and along branches.

Living on Kindness

These bushes often sing with the sound of these birds. They are very skittish and fly off the moment someone is near. The drying leaves let me glance at them and the temptation of the food that had been left encouraged this one to reveal himself.

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  1. It's frigid here in the mts of CO, Susan. Even the squirrels are hiding. We got about 2' of snow in a couple days. Badly needed by our ski area. Happy Holidays in case I can't visit for awhile. Stay warm!