Friday, December 9, 2016

Warm Adventures

Coffee Time

Photos: December 7, 2016

Work had to be done on the transformer in our building and so (we were warned well in advance) we had no electricity for the better part of the day. I planned my day accordingly - no sitting around as the condo got cooler - I had a list of things to accomplish and warm places to visit. A bowl of café au lait accompanied my lunch at Duc de Lorraine, a pastry shop that has been around since 1952. It has a very French (from France) atmosphere.

My Lunch Mate

This fellow was my lunch mate. He stood there and watched me eat.

At the Christmas Market

The electricity came back sooner than expected, but I had more on my list of things to do - coffee with my son. Near where he lives they have opened a small Christmas market with outdoor fireplaces - a great place to warm up. By the time I returned home the building was warm and welcoming.

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  1. That was good to have a sweet mate with lots of white curled beard.
    I like him and such a lovely fire place!