Sunday, December 11, 2016

Back to Winter

Sun Up Ahead

Photos: December 10, 2016

Another walk on Mont-Royal, this time in wintery conditions. The polar vortex has brought chilly temperatures to Montreal. My petunias on my balcony lasted until the 9th but are now giving up as below freezing temperatures last throughout the day.


The sun's light is low on the horizon as we approach the solstice. As winter settles in we can already anticipate the days slowly getting longer.

In the Woods

In spots the water flows swiftly down the side of the mountain, resisting freezing despite the chill.

Everything is Freezing

In other spots, the slow drips slowly turn to icicles. We northerners know how to dress in this weather. I enjoy the energy the cold can bring and the brightness the snow adds. It is the darkness that is the less enjoyable part of the season.

Going Up to the Mountain

And as we come down from Mont-Royal, another winter pleasure is getting back to a warm home and enjoying a hot drink. Lots of winter to come as La Nina promises a more typical winter than the one we had last year.


  1. I love your wintry photos, Susan! It's snowing and blowing here in Breck today, too. I'll bundle up and go out on the touring skis soon.

  2. What beautiful snow, sky and bear woods! I have waited for snow comes here for two years!