Saturday, December 17, 2016

Eating Out

Teriyaki Chicken

Photos: December 15, 2016

A cold night at the start of a couple of days of bitter temperatures - we went out for dinner before going to see a film of the live performance of No Man's Land.  It was good to warm up with soup and a hot meal before walking half a block in the icy wind. Teriyaki chicken for me.


Sukiyaki lamb for my spouse. The play, by Harold Pinter featured Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. It was at times humorous, at times a bit sinister and at times very poignant.

I quite enjoy going to the "events" films. I have gone to a number of the "In the Gallery" presentations as well as theatre events. While I can't always travel to where these things are happening live, it means I can at least see and experience via film.

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  1. Good time before seeing a film. Your teriyaki chicken looks so delicious. I’m curious how lamb sukiyaki was. Our sukiyaki is mostly beef, then pork or chicken. Hot pot dish is so nice in winter.