Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cold Weather


Photos: December 16, 2016

I woke up to fairies dancing on my window. They seem to love the cold weather! The morning sun chased them away, but the cold lingered with a high of -16°C (around 3°F). But it was one of those perfect winter days.

Crisp Cold Weather

The sun shone; there was no wind and with sufficient layers it was glorious to be outside. As to the layers...
  • underwear
  • hat (fur inside over the ears)
  • camisole
  • long sleeved jersey
  • sweater
  • scarf
  • tube (neck warmer that can be pulled up to cover part of the face)
  • long underwear
  • jeans
  • wool socks
  • coat with hood
  • warm winter boots
  • warm gloves

It's a bit unwieldy at times, but I was toasty warm as I walked. 

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  1. -23 degrees C! Brrr… but it’s so beautiful and must have been a wonderful day. I'll also go on a walk bundled in the coat in such fine weather after snowfall. Stay warm. Wish you a joyous Christmas.