Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Back on Snow Shoes

Back to Snowshoeing

Photos: December 13, 2016

The last couple of winters have not been good for snowshoeing. Two were too cold or too icy and last winter we did not have enough snow. This winter has started well, with a nice layer of fluffy snow. We have vowed to get out more often as long as the weather co-operates. Our first venture - just up in Summit Woods was not a long one, but it was delightful to be in the woods in the stillness.

Natural Sculpture

It was not a great day for photography. The light was very flat - no definition to what we were seeing, but I liked this natural sculpture. The woods are kept as natural as possible, with fallen trees left where they landed (unless they block a path). Our meandering through the woods meant stepping over a number of snow covered trunks. The next few days the polar vortex will be bringing frigid temperatures but then more snow is expected. It looks like a good start to the season.

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