Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Autumn Continues to Surprise

Still Flowering

Photos: November 14, 2016

I walk the same path quite often, through the nearby park and along an east/west street on my way to a variety of places. I still find surprises - a flower still blooming amidst the fallen leaves. A moment to stop and wonder.

Who Lived Here?

The lack of leaves reveals new sights - a dried out nest. I wonder who lived here, which stinging insects called this home?

Food for the Squirrels and Birds

The trees, stripped of leaves, hang on to their fruit, a great source of food, now and into the winter.

Ornamental Cabbage

As the flowers succumb to cooler nights, some gardeners plant ornamental cabbages to prolong the colour in their gardens.

My camera has trained my eyes to observe, to look, to notice and enriches my walks.

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  1. The orange flower and cabbage flowers. Such pretty accents among the fallen leaves.Susan!Enjoy your autumn.