Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Day of Pipes and Strings

Corroded Pipe

Photos: November 8, 2016

Perhaps the title sounds unusual, but it was a day of pipes and strings, starting with walking past the inevitable road work as corroded pipes and other ancient infrastructure are slowly being replaced.

Pink Pipes

These pink pipes will soon be snaking their way under the street. I wonder what they will carry - fibre optic cable, electricity, telephone lines, water? - I don't know...

Organ Pipes

Pipes are also the organ pipes I heard in concert in the evening - and what a concert it was - organized by Geneviève Soly to raise funds for Les Idées Heureuses, an early music group which she co-founded in Montreal. It featured the Lagacé / Soly family several of whom are organ and harpsichord players. The organ was built by the late Hellmuth Wolff, who had been married to Mireille Lagacé's  (the matriarch of the family) sister. I would also hazard a guess that some of the string players were using bows made by Louis Bégin, brother of Mireille. Pictured above is Bernard Lagacé, patriarch of the family with Geneviève. What an honour to hear him play again. The first movement of the 4 harpsichord (lots of strings) concerto by Bach was played by three generations of the family. In all, eight members of the family performed during the evening along with some other of Montreal's finest baroque musicians - a moving event, beautiful music. It lasted over two hours filled with Bach's music.

If only the magic of the evening had lasted and we were not met with the results of the U.S. election on reaching home.

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