Monday, November 28, 2016

A Double Header

Along Sherbrooke

Photo: November 27, 2016

Some people go to double header baseball games, or double features at a movie theatre (I think I did that forty years ago - I'm not sure they even have them any more). I went to two concerts, or should I say, one and a half concerts. Somehow one of the concerts was not in my agenda and we bought tickets for a second one. The first one was held in the church-like building just past the building with columns in front (the first building of the Musée des Beaux Arts). It was once a church but is now part of the museum. This concert was a joint venture of Les Boréades and the St. Lawrence Choir - four Bach chorales. I heard two and then just as they invited everyone to stand to sing the chorale at the end together, I dashed out.  The next concert was held at the church to the left of the museum in St. Andrew's and St. Paul's Church. This one, part of the Bach Festival, was all instrumental. The Ensemble Café Zimmermann performed instrumental works by Bach. I managed to hear this concert in its entirety. And it was well worth it!

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