Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Things That Catch My Eye

Public Art

Photos: November 15, 2016

As I wrote yesterday, I often walk the same path - to and from the bank, to and from an activity at McGill, to and from the grocery store. Yet each time my eyes are drawn to things I may not have noticed before, or to things that were not there before. New Quebec buildings must allocate 1% of the budget to integrating public art. these leaves are by Geneviève Cadieux.

Decorated Bicycle

Sometimes it is more prosaic things that catch my eye - these plastic flowers that decorate a basket on a bicycle. Beautiful? Not quite - but they do make an individual statement.

Fallen Cone

I found this fallen cone amusing - was it pouring something into these bottles? Much of the work being done on our infrastructure is to replace leaking water pipes. It just seemed appropriate to think of the cone being a conduit, though the water looks more like sewage water than clean drinking water.

A Place to Sit

Our beautiful November has been good to us - warm enough to enjoy a quiet sit in the part. Take some time to enjoy the sights around you.

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