Friday, November 25, 2016

William Notman Exhibit

William Notman Exhibit

Photos: November 24, 2016

William Notman was a Scottish-Canadian photographer who spent most of his life in Montreal. He lived from 1826-1891. He photographed the elite of Montreal as well as many others. His studio (including his son and others) also produced photographs of landscapes across Canada. The McCord museum holds his archives and is holding an exhibit of some of his work.

Stereoscopic Viewer

He was an innovator in many ways, exploring stereoscopic photography among many other things. Above you can see an old stereoscopic viewer. He also created a sort of photo collage, combining many photos which were done in his studio with a painting backdrop to recreate scenes from large events.

From Notman's Portraits

He is most known for his portraits some detail of which you can see here. You can explore may of the photographs in the Notman archives here.

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