Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Palette Changes to Bronze

Turning Bronze

Photos: November 13, 2016

It has been a most magnificent autumn with the colours lasting longer, plenty of sunny days and many days with above average temperatures. There are still trees that hang on to their leaves. With some exceptions, the yellows and reds have given way to the bronzes.

Playing in the Leaves

I love the crunching sound as I walk through the drying leaves. As I did as a child, the children play in the leaves - it says autumn to me.

Fattening Up for Winter

Squirrels are feasting in the crab apple trees, fattening up before the temperatures drop and they spend more time in their dens. Now there is plenty to eat. Winter will be harder.

Autumn Moon

Night falls early. The supermoon rose on the horizon - a beautiful sight. A peaceful end to a beautiful autumn day.

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  1. Wonderful autumn photos! I especially like the second photo,Susan.