Monday, July 11, 2016

Wednesday at CAMMAC


Photos: July 6, 2016

Another picture perfect start to the day!


Overnight showers nourish the flowers.

Wednesday Concert 1

Wednesday evening is the first of three concerts by the teachers. These are top notch musicians. Laura sang renaissance and medieval music (Hildegard von Bingen). Her delivery of Hildegard's music was luminous.

Bass Recorder Hockey

A hockey match at CAMMAC? In slow motion with bass recorders! Matthias composed a piece in three movements. It really had the energy and feel of a match with fast passages that gave the impression of players whipping down the ice.

All Bass Recorders

Each movement was played on a different combination of recorders as the piece progressed from the junior players to the professionals with a definite change of pace and intensity.

Amazing musicians - The evening's programme:

J.S. Bach, Extract from the 5th Brandenburg Concerto: Geneviève Soly, Olivier Brault, Francis Colpron
Madrigals of the Animal Kingdom: Laura Pudwell, Caroline Tremblay, Marie-Laurence Primeau, Betsy Macmillan
G. F. Handel/ Maute, Concerto for solo recorder: Matthias Maute
Hildegard von Bingen, Ave Maria / Ave Generosa: Laura Pudwell, Femke Bergsma
M. Maute, Noncerto "Hockey": Matthias Maute, Elyse Lamanque-Girard, Sophie Larivière, Francis Colpron

Week two photos at: Flickr

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