Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Saturday at CAMMAC

Viola da Gamba Consort

Photos: July 9, 2016

Saturday at CAMMAC passes like a whirlwind. In Early Music Week classes in the morning are shortened to allow for an extra period. After the regular three classes a fourth period is squeezed in to allow the orchestra and choir to rehearse together as well as to allow for a very short rehearsal of each on their own.  The afternoon and evening are full of concerts. For the singers there is a final master class with Laura Pudwell; auditors are welcome to attend and watch her produce magic. She knows just how to make singers better. There is also a concert of small ensembles. Above you can see the viola da gamba consort.

Children's Concert

The high point for many people is the children's concert. The children's program accommodates children from 4 1/2 to 11. Their classes take place all morning while the adults are also in class. In addition to music they have dance, sports, arts and crafts and time to swim. At the concert they showed off what they had learned in percussion, chamber music groups, choir and dance. It is always fun to see the youngest ones and impressive to hear what the older children can do musically.

A Whirlwind of Dance

The evening concert usually starts with the people who opted for the dance class. This year it was folk-dancing. Other years it has been renaissance or baroque dance. The concert is a bit of a whirlwind with people coming and going - leaving the audience a number before they are to perform and then coming on "stage" as the performers.

Recorder Ensemble

Not all classes perform - each decides if they want to or not. Two of my groups performed in addition to the orchestra. The concert always finishes with the orchestra. This year the choir prepared selections from Monteverdi's Vespers. Some of the choir excerpts were accompanied by the orchestra. The concert ended with a resounding Amen.

Early Music Week participants chip in money - two of the teachers go purchasing - cheese for a wine and cheese. Most weeks have a hotdog roast. I know which I prefer! It is a time to socialize a last time. Many participants have long drives ahead (Toronto, Washington DC...), trains or flights to catch and leave early on Sunday. But many of us are bitten by the CAMMAC bug and come back year after year. I have only missed a couple of summers since 1988 and there are a number of people who have been there quite a bit longer.

Week two photos at: Flickr

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