Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday at CAMMAC

Around the fire pit

Photos July 5, 2016

One thing I love about CAMMAC is the family feel. There are very young children, rather old adults and everything in between. There is no pretension with people dressing in clothing appropriate for the country setting. We all have one thing in common - a passion for music. These stumps sit to the side of a field where children may play sports in the morning but in the afternoon it may be used for silent baseball (during rest hour) or soccer matches both of which include children and adults. You can hear English and French and in early music week, occasional Dutch - but there is no division as people switch languages in conversation.  The mornings start with a short concert by one or more of the participants followed by announcements always delivered with humour.

Quartet from Quebec

On Tuesday evenings there is a "Cabaret Night" when participants can perform and the audience can consume their favourite beverage (yes there is alcohol for sale at the tuck shop) as they listen. While the focus of Week Two is early music, the Tuesday night always includes a wide variety of music.

Guitar Mandolin and Harmonica

This duo lives in two different cities but they can be heard most days in the afternoon jamming together on folk music. Their performance is always lively and delightful!

Song for Vincent

And the staff often present a number filled with humour and surprises. This year was no exception. It is this combination of humour, respect and passion that drives CAMMAC.

Week two photos at: Flickr

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